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The Railway Performance Society (RPS) is a British based organisation dedicated to recording and studying the performance of railways and railway traction.

Founded over forty years ago, the RPS is a leading authority on train and railway performance. Our 200  members regularly record and analyse the performance of steam diesel and electric traction throughout the UK, Europe and further afield..

We issue our quarterly society magazine - Milepost - to our members.

RPS members have acted as official timers for railway companies during high-speed record attempts, press and stakeholders trains.

RPS members contribute railway performance commentary to various publications including the Railway Magazine, Modern Locomotives Illustrated, Rail Express and Modern Railways.

Whether you have just a passing interest in train performance or a real passion to understand every aspect of train and railway performance, the society has something for you. The society can offer insightful and meaningful commentary on the current UK railway scene.

Independent from any rail organisation, we can provide balanced and unbiased views on the performance and reliability of the UK and some European railway systems.

We welcome contact from any individuals who may not necessarily be passionate about train performance but who-through their daily commute, record the performance and reliability of services that they use.

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