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The Rail Performance Data Foundation (RPDF) has accumulated many hundreds of thousands of train performance logs provided by a mix of Railway Performance Society (RPS) members past and present, relevant publications and legacies from eminent train recorders of the past such as C.J. Allen, O.S. Nock, Charles Rous-Marten and others, covering over 30 countries and spanning the period from 'Rocket' in the Rainhill Trials in 1829 to the present day.

Click HERE for a basic query of the OLA that will provide summary details of either the FASTEST or the EARLIEST journey log found between the selected pair of stations that operated non-stop between the two points.

It is also possible to further refine the result by using a filter of one the motive power types contained in a list for selection, e.g. HST, steam, diesel etc. 

A full set of OLA queries that deliver comprehensive results (including downloads) beyond the simple summary is restricted to subscribed RPDF/RPS members, but is also available on request to adhoc users.

RPDF/RPS Membership Application Form


Rail Performance Data Foundation Logs Database

The Rail Performance Data Foundation (RPDF) owns the database on behalf of the RPS. The database contains almost half a million entries dating from Rocket's performance in the Rainhill Trials in 1829 to the present day. Use of data is free to members and available to others on payment of a small fee. For more information on the database click here

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