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Mass Timing Days

At least once a year a group of society members will attempt to record the performance and punctuality of as many trains as possible on an agreed route.

The selection criteria is that the route should be approximately 25 to 70 miles long, at least 90mph line speed (somewhere), mixed traction, accessible to large number of members and journey time of about a hour.

The date and route is decided many months in advance and advertised in the society magazine 'Milepost'. Normally a Saturday in summer is chosen to provide maximum daylight. The event is co-ordinated by an organiser who will attempt, as far as humanly possible, to allocate one society member per service train to ensure that a complete a picture of the day's rail services are recorded. The organiser produces a report of the day which appears in 'Milepost', or as a supplement, passing comment on each individual run - not always an easy task as there can be over 70 runs to comment on - in each direction!

A full history of the Mass Timing Day is detailed in the table below: 

  • September 2019 Glasgow and Edinburgh to Aberdeen
  • July 2018 Reading-Bristol/Cardiff
  • June 2017 Preston-Carlisle-Lockerbie
  • July 2016 Doncaster-Leeds/Edinburgh
  • July 2015 St Pancras-Leicester/Corby
  • July 2014 St Pancras-Leicester/Corby
  • June 2013 Leeds-Manchester & branches
  • July 2012 Chiltern lines
  • July 2011 Rugby-Birmingham-Stafford
  • July 2010 Manchester & Stockport to Stoke and Crewe
  • June 2009 Paddington-Reading
  • July 2008 Crewe to Newport via Shrewsbury and Hereford
  • July 2007 Sevenoaks to Folkstone Central and Tonbridge to Hastings 21st MTD
  • June 2006 York to Darlington
  • June 2005 Liverpool Street to Colchester
  • September 2004 Basingstoke - Southampton
  • September 2003  Leicester - Derby/Nottingham
  • September 2002  Leamington Spa - Oxford/Princes Risborough
  • September 2001  Darlington - Newcastle
  • September 2000  Bristol - Birmingham
  • April 1999  Taunton - Exeter
  • April 1998  Cardiff - Swansea
  • April 1997  Kings Cross - Cambridge
  • April 1996  North Wales Coast
  • July 1995  Crewe - Liverpool
  • July 1994  Waterloo - Basingstoke
  •  July 1993  West Midlands Day Ranger
  •  September 1992  Doncaster - York
  •  September 1991  Stafford - Crewe
  •  September 1990  Derby - Sheffield
  •  September 1989  Kings Cross - Stevenage
  •  September 1988  Paddington - Reading
  •  September 1987  Gatwick Express

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