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WR HST Test Run 31.03.77 - Posted: March 25, 2017 - 11:23 PM Quote and reply
I recently acquired a WR Parcels and Passenger Train Notice covering the 2 weeks 26.03.77-08.04.77. I found within a reference to a HST Special Track Testing Run, London-Bristol Parkway and return. Booked for 31.03.77, the Old Oak Common crew training set was to be utilised. Departure from Paddington was booked for 08.28 and the return from Parkway at 09.55.

Unfortunately, in not having the adjoining Divisional Notice, I don't have the full schedule but thought the following passing time may be of interest to members.

1X44 08.28 Paddington-Bristol Parkway
Paddington-Reading 19 mins (08.47)
Paddington-Didcot 28 mins (08.56)
Paddington-Challow 32.5 mins (09.00.30)

1X44 09.55 Bristol Parkway-Paddington
Bristol Parkway-Challow 25mins (10.20)
Bristol Parkway-Didcot 29.5 mins (10.24.30)
Bristol Parkway-Reading 38.5 mins (10.33.30)
Bristol Parkway-Paddington 57 mins (10.52)

I suspect the run was in preparation for the WR’s Jubilee Special on 07.05.77, timings of which, in up and down directions are held in the RPS Database.

Unfortunately the notice doesn’t contain any additional information other than an instruction that ‘SPECIAL ATTENTION TO BE GIVEN TO THE RUNNING OF THIS TRAIN’ in bold letters. There are some specific notes in the schedule relating to the pathing of 3 services in the up direction that needed to be kept clear of the HST.

Of course it is unlikely that a log exists of either run. Although not a regular service train, the timings are I think quicker than anything actually recorded in the database. It would be interesting to know whether the Special ran and if the timings were achieved. I wondered if any of the RPS’s timing specialists (of which I am not one) had any comments.


Kevin (Daniel)

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