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East West launched. - Posted: December 14, 2017 - 3:08 PM Quote and reply
The Transport Minister has today announced the setting up a new company, East West Railway Company, to oversee the installation of a line connecting Oxford to Cambridge. No detail in the Press Release as to routeing but, of course, this will include the Bicester to Bedford line.
According to an unofficial source the plan is to:
Avoid Bedford which has also got a lot of build on the old alignment, with a new Parkway station to the south and new build to Sandy.
Avoid north Sandy, which has a lot of new build on the alignment, and cross the ECML at a new interchange station south of the town.
New build from south of Sandy to join the GN line just north of Shepreth station. (I've not dug into the plans enough to know if they propose a
flat junction there or not, but Cambridge is soon to get 6tph to Thameslink/Kings Cross, which could be an issue).
DfT 14.12.17

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