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South Eastern to Waterloo. - Posted: December 16, 2017 - 9:19 AM Quote and reply
FROM SATURDAY 23 DECEMBER 2017 UNTIL MONDAY 01 JANUARY 2017 South Eastern will be operating passenger trains into London Waterloo (International). This is in connection with the ongoing Thameslink works at London Bridge. The service will be half hourly all day and will be comprised entirely of Electrostar Class 375 units. The services will join the Wessex route at Linford Street junction via the Battersea Flyover, and use the Windsor Reversible, Up Windsor and Down Windsor Fast lines only. The services will use platforms 21 & 22 only at London Waterloo (International). The dispatch method will be CD/RA. All services will be piloted by a South Eastern Driver Manager. The services will be booked to call at Denmark Hill in both directions to allow the Pilot Driver to join/leave the service.
Hopefully more successful than last time!
NR 16.12.17

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