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IEP set to conquer the Highlands.. - Posted: March 5, 2018 - 1:11 PM Quote and reply
THE train from the south beat the “Beast from the east” to give the Highlands a first glimpse of the bullet train inspired rail service which will begin operating on the Inverness service next year.
Hitachi’s new Class 800 Intercity Express trains will begin operating on the East Coast Mainline later this year, although none are expected on the Highland line until 2019.
However, one paid a visit to Inverness train depot while carrying out tests on the route this week, allowing an early look at its new passenger facilities and dual diesel and electric power system.
The Class 800 also promises faster acceleration, shortening journey times, translating into more power to overcome the steep gradients on the Highland route or potential obstacles on the line such as leaves or snow.
“That’s part of the testing we are doing at the moment,” Tim Olton, Hitachi Rail’s Scottish mobilisation manager, explained.
“But these trains can go up to 140mph and the (ECML) line speed is only 125mph, so there is more than enough power there.”
Inverness Courier 02.03.18

Lots of unrecorded passings on its return:
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