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GPS Reception aboard Eurostar E320 - Posted: June 19, 2018 - 9:31 AM Quote and reply
I can report that a weak but sustainable GPS signal can be received aboard Eurostar E320 sets using the Dual XGPS 160 Sky Pro bluetooth GPS receiver. This receiver has the advantage of being able to use the positioning signals from both US GPS and Russian Glonass positioning satellites.

Good practice as ever is to ensure that you have switched on the unit out in the open air for at least 5 minutes before boarding the train. In stations where there is little or no open air, it is best to allow time to be able to switch the GPS on before entering the station.

The signal within the passenger seating areas is weak, but my unit was able to report 21 satellites in view and to track between 6 and 11 en-route - 8 being the average, and a reported ft location accuracy.

It is important to note that longer tunnels such as through Lille on the French TGV Nord, and the Channel tunnel result in the GPS taking a longer time to remind the satellites. I did find it useful to choose a seat near the vestibule in order to 'help' the GPS regain satellite lock by positioning it near the door window - where there is a stronger GPS signal. On the odd occasion, a quick switch on and off of the unit seemed to remedy matters where it seemed to be struggling to regain lock.

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