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HST wheelslip problems on Scotrail

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HST wheelslip problems on Scotrail - Posted: September 9, 2019 - 7:48 PM Quote and reply
An unofficial post from another forum:
"Expect to see fewer Scotrail HSTs running about this autumn, many services booked for an HST are being replaced by 170s due to a problem with the WSP (Wheel Slip Protection) equipment. As they are modified they may come back into service but until December, it is believed, only one train out of Queen Street will be an HST. This affects all of them and the reduction applies on all services, but I do not have specific details other than above."
This confirms your scribe's experience last week when class 170s seemed to predominate and a class 158 was in charge of one Glasgow to Aberdeen express.
IU 09.09.19

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