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NOVA GPS - Posted: November 5, 2019 - 8:58 PM Quote and reply
No GPS problem on the Bimodes yesterday and today with an almost instant recovery from Standedge/Morley Tunnels.
With today's plan in tatters after arriving at York on the 1002 from Newcastle bimode to find my return bimode from York had broken down at Stalybridge, I was pleased to find a 68/CAF on the 1138 Lime St. My GPS had been on since 0700 and worked perfectly apart from brief stutters on exit from the two mentioned tunnels. Unlike the bimode which still can't provide hot drinks the CAF set trolley could today, a first for me.
My plan to return on the 1402 bimode from Man Vic was scuppered as it ran ECS from Lime St in its path to Stalybridge to rescue its stablemate now blocking a platform at Stalybridge for 3 hours. It got taken to Doncaster apparently and the working 802 went directly to York to cover the rest of one diagram.
IU 05.11.19

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