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Anglia Stadler 745/755 - Posted: January 6, 2020 - 7:22 PM Quote and reply
A 755/4 and 755/3 were working Norwich Gt Yarmouth services - giving me the opportunity to record some early performance.
The difference in power not really noticeable due to the low 60mph speed limits on that route.
755/3s are plated at 135 tons with 2 Deutz V8 Diesel engines rated at 960kW -1287hp - for the pair. So power to weight ratio of 9.5 hp/t.

755/4s plated weight is 163.4 tons with 4 Deutz V8 Diesel engines rated at 1920kW - 2,574hp. So a power to weight ratio of 15.75hp/t.

Average acceleration for a 755/4 in diesel mode is 46 to 50 seconds whereas the 755/3s are averaging 0 to 60mph in around 70 seconds.

Both trains reaching 0 to 30mph in around the same time from rest - but that is where the acceleration rate starts to fall for the 755/3.
More data required to come to some conclusions - but from rest to 3/4 mile - the 755/4 was only a few seconds ahead of the 755/3 limited to 60mph!
Suggestions that a 755/3 is as slow to accelerate as a Class 170 is as yet unfounded. My last 170 took 1.1 miles and 108 seconds to reach 60mph on a favourable gradient. The 755/3 reached 60mph in less than 3/4 mile, and took only 93s to reach 1.1 miles - 15 sec quicker than a 170!

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Class 745 Passenger service report - Posted: January 8, 2020 - 4:10 PM Quote and reply
First Class 745 runs out of London Liverpool street today on 745 007
Diagram started on the 07:40

10:00 Liverpool Street to Norwich timings as follows:

Liverpool St to Colchester 43:08 departed 3 min late (slower than post 2008 FT of 40:18) but caught up both the 9:55 LST to Southend at Sheffield and the 0948 LST to Braintree service at Witham

Colchester to Manningtree 6:41 (equals current FT)

Manningtree to Ipswich 10:16 (slower than post 2008FT of 8:22) due to 50TSR at Gypsy lane

Ipswich to Diss 21:13 - impeded by catching a 755 on driver training or mileage accumulation or empty coaching stock move ahead causing yellow sigs. The 755 appeared to be on diesel.

Diss to Norwich 15:51 (a new post 2008 record and the 4th all-time record. Open train times showed a clear route prepared well in advance. 2 min early arrival.

12:30 return run times.

Norwich to Diss 16:12 with very gentle approach and stop.

Diss to Ipswich 18:31 - was on course for a new fastest time but coasted after passing Needham Market - arrived 2 min early

Ipswich to Manningtree 8:06 (only 14 secs behind current FT with very easy braking into the station as it was a minute early

Manningtree to Colchester 6:55 (15 sec behind the current FT - despite being ahead of the FT run most of the way - the gentle approach is where a potential FT was lost. Still arrived 2 mins early.

Colchester to Liverpool St 48:34 - conflicting movements at Stratford - a down service leaving P9 prevented 1Y41 ahead a clear road into P9, and caused a delay through Stratford. 1Y41 also had to make a station stop at Stratford. Arrived Liverpool Street 1 3/4 min late.

1500 to Norwich:
Liverpool Street to Colchester - 43:55 similar run through to Shenfield to the morning-19:06 pass vs 18:45 but 50 secs faster through Chelmsford in 26:33. But lost time approaching Witham due to Braintree stopper, so 50 sec down at Kelvedon on the morning run. but arrived 2 mins early.

Colchester Manningtree 6:58 - slowed through Ardleigh - LC slow to clear?
Manningtree to Ipswich 12:31 with 1 min sig stop before the tunnel. Opentraintime map revealed both platforms 3 and 4 occupied. Ipswich arrival 1.5 mins late.

Ipswich to Diss - left 3/4 min late - phenomenal start - 100mph in under 2 mins. Claydon pass in 3:29 - a good Class 90 needs 4 mins- average timings nearer 4.5 mins. Stowmarket pass in 8:39, 100mph on the button Haughley to Mellis.
A new post 2008 record of 18:26, and the second fastest time on our database. arrived 1 1/4 mins early.

Diss to Norwich - 16:24 clear run - RT departure - 100mph by Audley End LC in 1:52, faster by a few seconds than the morning run but slower approach due to not having a clear route in - signals slower to clear.

17:30 to Liverpool Street

Norwich to Diss - 16:33, slightly faster than the 12:30 throughout but slower approach
Diss to Stowmarket - a new post 2008 record of 10:37. Melis passed in 2:46 at 100mph. Gains 55 seconds on acceleration Diss to Finningham. Arrived RT

Stowmarket to Ipswich - disappointing 11:40. Acceleration paused but Gypsy Lane passed in 2:21 at 100mph. Awaiting local services to clear the station meant we arrived on caution signals with no clear route on to the platform.

Ipswich to Colchester - 13:54 - a new post 2008 record. It is rare not to stop at Manningtree. Belstead summit pass in 3:44 at 100mph. Gradients are no issue for these trains with 18.6 hp/t. arrived Colchester 1 min early.

Colchester to Liverpool Street 53:43 - slower than the earlier train - Marks Tey pass in 4:25 as opposed to a cracking 3:35 on the 12:30 up. Then signals caused a slowing to 36mph at Rivenhall End. We had caught 1Y51 10L from Colchester, and stayed behind it to Shenfield despite it making stops at Witham, Hatfield Peverel and Chelmsford. 8 late through Shenfield - then caught a Southend service at Startford due to being out of path. Thanks to 3 mins allowances in the schedule. Liverpool Street arrival almost 6 late.
But what were control/signallers doing by not allowing the overtake at Witham?
Arguments for and against I guess.

Acceleration is in a different league to the current Class 90 loco hauled sets - 0-60mph in under 50 sec, and 0-100mph in under 2 mins. Compared to a Class 90, the 745 is almost 40 secs faster to Marks Tey from a Colchester start on an up run!

And comparing the current Diss to Ipswich FT, todays run was almost a minute ahead at Mellis, only to be beaten by the FT run which featured speeds in excess of 100mph.

For any members wishing to experience these at their best, I would suggest focusing on the Colchester to Norwich section. South of Colchester the train's path is very slack and drivers either take it easy to avoid yellow signals, or they drive flat out until the signals slow them down.

EDIT: Plated weight is 375 t.

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