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Trans-Pennine(North) today. - Posted: February 4, 2020 - 8:13 PM Quote and reply
A look was had at the York webcam today to see how Monday's almost return to a full timetable was going.
The Hull trains were out of sight but seemed to run well, presumably with class 185 dmus. All the Redcars seen were so formed.
The 4 previously advised class 68/5coaches diagrams were also run.
There were ten class 800 bi-modes out and about on Liverpool to Edinburgh and Manchester Apt to Newcastle turns.
The 0734 from Scarborough was terminated at York due to crew issues and restarted as the 1300 York to Scarborough.
So its looking good for the start of the full timetable on the 17th February
IU 04.02.20

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