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Failure of the GSM-R rail communications network - Posted: June 1, 2020 - 2:31 PM Quote and reply
Cab-to-shore radio is now regarded as the prime railway safety system and a short-term network-wide technical problem with the system apparently resulted in a precautionary speed restriction of 60 mph being temporarily put in place late-morning on Friday 29th May.

With little prospect of conventional train timing anytime soon, I have in the past week been out in the sunshine making some further lineside measurements of the speeds of trains passing through the automated signalling system at Chelford (see supplement to July 2019 Milepost).
Of particular interest have been lunchtime workings of TfW Manchester-South Wales services which currently often seem to produce Class 150/153 combinations rather than the more usual Class 175s.

No real surprises so far with the Sprinter speeds (74-78 mph) but I had wondered why on Friday morning 175010 on the 12:35 Manchester-Milford Haven ambled through Chelford at a steady 62 mph whereas the following Euston-bound Avanti Pendolino 20 minutes later passed at close to the full line speed of 110 mph. Seemingly now there is an explanation for the reason why.

David Stannard
RPS Committee - Technical
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