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Back on the train, gang. - Posted: July 13, 2020 - 7:36 PM Quote and reply
Deciding when to resume train travel safely was never going to be easy, but with a lifting away from essential travel only, I decided that the time had come. The train of choice was the 1015 Leeds-Liverpool which follows the 1007 (Hull)-Manchester Picc composed of 6 cars today. 802201 arrived on time from Newcastle with a waiting crowd of 20. Before departing a few people were mildly castigated for moving the red/green occupancy labels for thier own benefit, which was a shame as the coach had only about 10 occupants. The train ran punctually at normal TPE speeds apart from a 54 mph check before Morley. The runs main interest was the climb to Marsden where 73 mph (PSR 75 mph) was attained by Slaithwaite before we caught up the 1007 delayed in the Huddersfield area. Nonetheless arrival at Victoria was punctual and a coffee break was had at Greggs. The barbers and toilets were the only other facilities open, but outside was a stand-alone burger bar serving cheesy chips amongst other things/drinks. The main purpose of the day was a first run on the new tram line to the Trafford Centre. Like the Tube you were on your own as far as distancing was concerned and the tram loadings seen were good. The Cornbrook-Trafford Centre shuttle contained 4 non-face mask wearing customers. The Centre itself had hundreds of people milling around, including the large Food Hall where Nandos seemed the most popular. The return tram was quiet and 802201 again formed the 1345 back. An immediate admonishment of a customer by the conductor for not wearing a face mask correctly enlivened departure of the lightly loaded train. The driver had everything under control and rolled into Leeds on time without pushing the PSR parameters. The steaming up of glasses from deflected breathe was not too much of a problem. No trolley, no ticket checks.
Ian U 13.07.20
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