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TPE today and a bit more. - Posted: September 6, 2021 - 8:16 PM Quote and reply
Leeds station was really busy today at 0900. The 0915 Liverpool arrived on time but left 2 late. Before it left the long lamented TPE trolley made a reappearance-the first I’ve seen since early 2020- closely followed by a ticket check. The former Covid seat reservation display of green for window, red for aisle has been scrapped and reverted to normal. However, all was not well with the engines as, after the brake test, we struggled up to 57 before Morley and 58 maximum up the long climb to Marden. Such is the schedule that we were only around 1 minute late into Victoria where there is a booked Covid stand of 13 mins anyway. Unusually the engines remained on and all were emitting noises apart from the “quiet coach” I was in at the rear. Mast foundations have appeared between Baguley Fold and Droylsden. It was a first trip round the Miles Platting realignment which doesn’t seem any more than half a chain, if that, shorter- await its full appearance on Google Earth. Over to Piccadilly for a first visit in over 18 months where the concourse was, like Leeds, very busy. The 1055 to Euston whizzed over the slightly gloomy Cheshire Plain but sunshine was not far away. There was disappointment when observing that more urban development around the station had further masked the rustic village charm of Chelford.
IU 06.09.21

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