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TPEXP TRI MODE - Posted: November 10, 2021 - 11:15 AM Quote and reply
Hitachi Rail and Angel Trains to create intercity battery hybrid train on TransPennine Express
Hitachi Rail, Angel Trains and TransPeninne Express (TPE) agree to trial retrofitting battery on intercity train
Trial, starting next year, can cut fuel usage by at least 20% and reduce emissions on Transpennine network from 2022 onwards
Tri-mode service can cut noise pollution in urban areas and improve air quality
Hitachi Rail, Angel Trains and TPE have agreed in principle to retrofit intercity battery hybrid trains in order to carry out a trial of this clean technology on the Transpennine route in 2022.
Installing battery technology on a Hitachi intercity train will help cut fuel usage and reduce carbon emissions by at least 20%. A successful trial of the technology will unlock the potential for further emission and fuel savings to support industry decarbonisation targets.
Once complete, the trial provides a pathway for Hitachi Rail, the train builder and maintainer, and Angel Trains, the train’s owner to develop plans to retrofit batteries to the wider fleet.
The TPE ‘Nova 1’ fleet comprises 19 trains that connects major towns and cities across Northern England and Scotland. The trial will complement the major, multi-billion-pound Transpennine route upgrade currently helping to improve connectivity across the North.
The trial will see a diesel engine replaced by batteries to help power a five-carriage train, along with the two remaining engines. The power provided by the batteries will help to reduce the amount of full required to operate the train.
By using less fuel, the service will cut carbon emissions by at least 20%, with the potential for further savings. The technology benefits passengers by operating solely on battery power when travelling in and out of station areas, cutting noise pollution and helping to improve air quality.
While parts of the TPE route are electrified, trains are currently required to use their diesel engines for the majority of the time. Ahead of the completion of full electrification, adding a battery and creating an electric-diesel-battery hybrid, offers a fast and effective means of reducing carbon emissions.

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Posts: 463
TRI MODE - Posted: November 10, 2021 - 3:17 PM Quote and reply
Also a GWR 802/800 will be fitted with batteries

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