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Slight LNER service retrenchment.

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Slight LNER service retrenchment. - Posted: August 11, 2018 - 12:59 PM Quote and reply
Cancelled/altered trains from the 13th August:
Mondays Fridays (and Saturdays for Leeds)
05.26 Stirling London King's Cross (service will start at Edinburgh) - from 27 August
09.03 London King's Cross - Leeds
11.45 Leeds - London King's Cross
15.00 London King's Cross - Stirling (service will terminate at Edinburgh) - from 27 August
15.03 London King's Cross - Leeds
17.45 Leeds - London King's Cross
13.33 London King's Cross - Leeds
17.16 Leeds London King's Cross
16.04 Newcastle London King's Cross (amended service - additional waiting time at Doncaster)
The cancellations and amendments are due to operational changes which will help to improve overall reliability along our East Coast route in the event of further network-led disruption.
LNER 11.08.18

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