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Wavewalker on final furlong.

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Wavewalker on final furlong. - Posted: February 5, 2021 - 6:47 PM Quote and reply
The ‘Wavewalker’s’ time in Dawlish is soon coming to end with the piling work scheduled to be completed mid to late February. Once all the piles have been installed, the next stage of the work will involve ‘scouring’ the piles – to protect against erosion – followed by the start of the installation of the wall panels and concrete backfill.

This second section of sea wall is expected to take around two years to complete and once finished, this 415 metre section which stretches from Coastguard breakwater east of Dawlish station to Colonnade breakwater, will link up with the already completed first section of sea wall at Marine Parade.
NR 05.02.2021

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