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Sunderland transformation. - Posted: July 8, 2021 - 4:44 PM Quote and reply
Transformational plans to revamp Sunderland’s central train station are full steam ahead, with a £26m boost that will ‘give Sunderland the rail station it deserves’(has all the ambience of New Street below ground-IU).

Striking proposals for the southern entrance of Sunderland’s central station were unveiled today, for a six-year programme to fully transform the city’s arrival point.

Preparatory work on the first part of the ambitious project is expected to begin within days, kick-starting a programme of improvements that will deliver a beautiful new station for the city.

Major works to the platform-level of the station are included in the plans, with the ambition to increase capacity by creating a four track, four platform station that separates Nexus and Metro, on one platform, from mainline services allowing both to expand as public transport connections regionally and nationally, and enabling them to provide access to jobs, to secure investment and to grow the economy.
NR 08.07.2021

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