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Irish Rail covid easement. - Posted: July 13, 2021 - 12:17 PM Quote and reply
COVID-19 Update.
Last week, the Cabinet announced that, subject to a final decision next week, we will be increasing to 75% capacity on our services from Monday 19th July. We also know that restoring 100% is planned for early August. We have worked with our
colleagues in the NTA to ensure capacity could be increased on public transport, and it is very welcome that this decision has been made.
I don’t have to tell our RU colleagues that our trains, particularly our Intercity trains, are getting busier all the time, with so many people travelling within Ireland this summer, and particularly at weekends. So the ability to cater for 75% will ease the pressure on capacity. This is the last stepping stone to returning to 100% or no capacity restrictions during August in preparation for the full return ofoffices,schools and colleges in September
IR 13.07.21

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